You Tube Content Providers Who Are Natural “Alchemists of Information”

Writer Laura E. (this article is not a paid promotion)

When I prepare to to watch one of JeffSnyder2 video’s I know I am going to have to put my thinking cap on.    I can’t just lay back and take in info I already am familiar with.  Jeff is a teacher.  It takes energy to watch his videos because I learn from them.  So if I am feeling tired and just want to lay back and veg I will skip Jeff’s videos until I am prepared to learn and exert energy to do so.  This is a good thing—to learn.  But I sometimes don’t have the motivation for it.

Quantum of Conscience Youtube channel
Dana Ashlie On Youtube

Logic Before Authority

Logic Before Authority is a must see channel.  Its a shame he had to delete his past videos due to censorship.  He would have likely lost his channel had not done so.   Daniel Alexander Cannon is one of the  true alchemist of information.  He is emotionally invested in outing the beast system because of the damage done to his own family by the beast.  Namely back scenes toxicity.  More on LBA channel later. 

Expose’—Three Alchemists of Information on YT What is alchemy of information?

1.”The alchemy of information”  (concept derived from “Turning lead into gold”.)

2.To change the very core of ideas/words taking them from worthless to valuable by a form of spiritual decryption.  To locate HIDDEN INFORMATION of truth hiding amid timely bullshit.

3.To extract the pearls of wisdom from what appears to be all verbal or written refuse.

4.To glean hidden truth from guile & deception.   To extract with care hidden knowledge from destructive and manipulative narratives.

5.To pluck the vail off lies & deceit given to us by malevolent motives & purify those words by benevolent Truth processes likened to decryption.

6.To find the pearl of truth within the bucket of swaller.  Then share said truth.  To turn lies upsidedown and then see their truth.

transmute”  to take a raw material and change its substance into something of great use.

change in form, nature, or substance.
“the raw material of his experience was transmuted into stories”

Hi everybody… I write for several RFH (recoveryfarmhouse) websites including,, (don’t go there unless your mandela affected), and,, (not affiliated with the Dana Ashlie fading YT channel).

The Alchemists Dance of Truth

JeffSnyder2 Youtube Channel

Jeff is a true alchemist of information.  His original thought brain gravy is educational and enlightening when digested with great care and consideration.  In regard to Jeffsnyder2  YT channel,  I noticed L.B.A. (logicbeforeauthority) is also watching his vids as does Vanessa VA.  He is the videographers videographer.   One requirement to be an alchemist of information is to know one’s self.  They cannot be swayed by basic emotional triggers that media spews.  Emotional triggers that come by programs of insecurity that are beast system instilled into us all are meant to blind us (think cognitive dissonance).  This means the alchemist must be self aware to avoid said knee jerk patterns of fear that blind.

Does this mean info-alchemists are not human and don’t have the same fears that are the human condition?  No.  It means they have the tools to overcome fear when its triggered by the beast by using self knowledge by Love.   To overcome fears is to override by building thought bridges over the neuralpathways of emotional defense that blind the eyes and push others away.   Emotional defense is the greatest fear tool of the spiritual enemy.  Jeff has shown himself to be aware and override previous mental programs.

Quantum of Conscience Author, Content provider, and alchemist of information.

Jeff is right up there with the most expedient of truther minds..  I compare him to Matt McKinley – Quantum of Conscience who also has a website and YT channel.  However Matt has no apparent God awareness that he claims as his own.  Therefore Matt doesn’t ring the spiritual truth bells like a man who seeks and finds God as Jeff does.  Matt just keeps saying “this situation of reality with the mandella effect and those taking the download right in front of us is just too big and all encompassing to not be spiritual or to just be the elite crony’s work” (paraphrased.)

Matt McKinley is refreshing and highly intelligent. His internal vetting processes are both self aware and humble while keeping open mindedness as a priority.  He too has the neuropathway qualities of an information-alchemist.  Matt exhibits an amazing capacity to override fear programming instilled by the beast-long term.  To override fear’s knee jerk reactions of blinding emotional defense one must first see his own fears.  And accept them as being acceptable.  Learning therefore not to be shamed by fear the student then rejects the run of the mill knee jerk repression & denial of whatever truth is that scars them.  This is to accept truth no matter the cost no matter what the truth says.  Then the bridges of the mind build the new processes of Truth.  Why?  Because the man knows how to accept and process fear as part of the human condition.  Its that simple yet very very very rare in this day and age to find those who have the belt of Truth.  The truth fear process can be done consciously or subconsciously.  Of course a teacher of this process would need to see and experience the process in their own life first hand to be able to share it with others.  Matt himself may not know he has undergone this process, but likey he knows under some other literation of the topic.

Dana Ashlie on Youtube

Where  has Dana Ashlie gotten off to?  Is she an alchemist as well?  Her videos are excellent and we think, she too falls into the category of “information alchemist”.  We fear after she did the 5g videos and put out so much learned information about electromagnetic frequencies that she may have been threatened by the beast.

We do think that RFB who is likely a shill for the beast & YT itself drives around visiting other content providers for a specific reason.  We think he is likely making offers and buying souls, aware of unaware.  Lets face if RFB is a “put #1 first kind of guy.   He stated on one of his own videos that he did pay her a visit not long after her 5g videos.  Then she faded into the dark cloud of mystery where the best information alchemists land and play it safe.  Perhaps she guards her soul and that is why she has faded into the night.  Her vids are still up and can be seen.

Her vids have ended it seems, but for now we have the website that can only try to fill the great hole that is left by her disappearance. (okay yes I am getting a little dramatic here…but its fun.)



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