Trump’s Son in Law Jared Kushner’s Name Translates to “Dark Prince”

The Two High Profile Artificial Intelligence in Public Eye

Jared who by the way had to purchase the 666 building on New York’s Fifth Ave.  And Mr. Zuck who is obviously Artificial.

Raj means Prince in Sanskrit language.  Jared Kushner   the word UNSCRAMBLED to be “Dark Rajah” “Rajah meaning Prince, “Dark Prince” has been deciphered by Jazweeh from the letters in his name.

But that’s not what this post is about.  I want everyone to start recognizing Artificial Intelligence when its in front of us on the TV, image of the beast.

THIS MAN IS A ROBOT!  Just like the supposed FB owner FACEBOOK IS THE “BOOK OF FACES” to identify all of mankind by Artificial Intelligence.  That ain’t no HUMAN people.

Jared the robot.This is the most obvious A>I> I have seen to date.  They should have surrounded him with other AI so it wasn’t so obvious.

Why would anybody cut their hair like that?

Artificial Intelligence

Enlarge Photo to examine pupils

Below See two totally different shaped ears.


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