The Revelation of Satan…I Mean Santa

Jeff’s Christmas Revelation a Mind’s Eye Program. Scheme of Old

The Great Deception a Ploy Called Christmas & Santa (Satan) Claus/Claws/The Satan Clause

Pause at the * stanzas (Reading the Script voices of Narrator, Liars, and Children.)


Twas another night before Christmas and the children all did say______

“Our hearts have now, been broken, NO SANTA COMES THIS DAY!*

We trusted in our loved ones we believed in all their drule when they told us the kind stories of glad tidings and yule.”*

Ignorant Liars-

“We meant it not, it was a game, a ruse we say, for fun proclaim! *

No longer are you a babe in arms to believe any lie to swallow any charm.*(mocking the children to lay blame/guilt)

Believing in the lies of a sweet savory dream is cut out for the innocent the full hearted for our scheme.* (child’s heart “full” with Love & Hope not marred or broken yet.)

Did we not give you presents that accompanied the lie? Did we not show you fun and lights up in the sky?*

..with images of Prancer, Dancer, and of doom, sure we lied to babes but what’s all this gloom?”* ( Mean Loud)


“And so the stage was set for the one Christmas scheme. For the lie of all time, but there was another lurking dream.* (speak softly)

A story on high remained,

deep within the bag,

of sad lost fictions,

and treasures children once had.*

A happy ending story,

of timeless living hope,

loomed within their spirits,

by one thread of silver rope.”* (the invisible silver cord)

Innocent Children-

“We could no longer trust any baby’s, psycho dreams …of present or of old surely all were slippery schemes!*

Once we were deceived, down hearted, and taxed by the fable they sold and stoled. Not again our hearts attacked!*

For If Santa was a lie then Jesus must be a ruse, a tactful story, a false truth, made up for me an you”.*(excited child speaks the way of movies in the 60s children spoke.)


And So begins the plot that thickens as its told, (disappointment)

Stories to the children & by the beast they’re sold.*

For, the children of Earth will not seek God.  No, no not from the start. They turn from Jesus, another sad tale like Santa hurt their heart.*

Deceived Children-

“Trauma, trauma, lies for gist, we won’t fall for it again. Hurt us once shame on us hurt us twice we deserve the dim…. but still we cry please please(enthusiasm) do begin the tale again.”*(speak soft infers future relationship co-dependency)

Narrator’s Conclusions
The last passage another effect of the Christmas story looms-A Program of emotional Trauma by pieces of heartfelt ruin.*

Re-educated Children

WHAT IS LOVE? We ask. From tales of woe and bliss.

Spinner of Lies finally speaks Plainly

“Our hearts desire for time spent, we want your final kiss.* (death)

Your soul before us dances so innocent and sweet.  By consuming it we steal ideas of Love and Hope so deep.*

By us you will say,

on the passing of the day”*

“Love is hurt love is betrayal the more you Love the more the loss”.

“We make Truth lies we make love pain we sing the song of taunting dross.

Deeper and deeper into the dark we take your soul by continual loss.”*

By Santa’s Christmas story

hearts’ faith must be lost!

And when the silver cord does break

your soul shall pay the cost.*

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