Thank God the Masses are Blind

Shit Hit The Fan Alright!

I say this about Jeff as a side note.  He is not taxed with false humility because false humility is a lie.  A lie about one’s self to make one appear humble.  Its bullshit.  Example-“I am dirt, I am nobody, I know nothing” and so on.

So I say (Laura E.) its refreshing to hear someone speak on YT who is aware of what False humility actually is. 

God warned us by inspired writers of old…the first destruction of Earth was by water.  The second He said will be by fire.  Is it still in the bible…idk.

Fiery furnace story.  Two men walk into the furnace of flames.  And a third appears within the flames.  Perhaps it was a prophecy to assure us that God’s children will survive the trip through the furnace.

Jeff, I wonder why they didn’t turn off the power in Colorado?  Surely they knew it would prevent houses from burning.  If not from the get go they at least have figured it out after California.

Laura E.

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