Plasma Fires Attracted to Electronics-Avoid Trees as prophesied.

NISSAN Car Burns on a Country Road in North Central Florida in the Morning Hours

Laura E writes a message to Jeff S after she saw a late model Nissan catch fire and burn melting the engine for no apparent reason.  She apologizes she does not carry a cell phone for a camera.

Regarding the title.  Granted we know trees are burning.  But it seems that if microwave flameless fire has a choice between trees and houses, it chooses houses chalk full of live wattage.


Jeff your work here is vital. IT’S GETTING REAL. It’s our atmosphere. Electricity is drawn to electricity. The trees are not burning because they are not hooked into the electrical grid. The cars especially newer one’s I am guessing are vulnerable now. Especially in the morning hours I think when sun is brightest. UV is highest. The systems wiring and conductors of all things electric need bundling. Meaning beefed up. The wiring cannot handle the atmospheric ionized wattage running through them from the atmosphere. KEEP READING.

What Happened?

I went out of my house to P.O. this morning and guess what I saw….just after watching your vid. A burnt car on the side of the road in my neighborhood. I queried the tow truck driver & owner of car and found out it happened in the morning hours when sun is brightest.

Driver was a girl driving down the road for no apparent reason it just caught fire. It had the rust. The grass was burnt. It looked pretty much like your photos of car lot. But not as extensive in the tail end of the car. It was a NISSAN. Supposed to be really made well right?. It was weird because the driver did call the tow. But when I asked him (before she showed up) what happened he said “I can’t disclose any information” just like that. As if he’s been instructed in advance to not tell people if it happens more often and so on. I told the people I thought is was due to atmospheric changes but then the toe truck driver gave a quick invalidation by responding “It’s definitely the car!” Understandable. I will be looking for this phenomena when I leave the house.


WEAR WHITE hoodie or reflective clothes and reflective light sun glasses. Not black glasses or lenses during the day. Don’t wear black unless it’s at night. If you do see split second violet flashes avoid their area (unlikely-most can’t see into the ultraviolet spectrum).

Electricity Seeks Electricity

Avoid high voltage.  Avoid turning yourself or your car into an antenna.  Unscrew and remove car antenna if possible. Cover the base of the antenna with silver fabric.  Buy a white car (if money is no option).  Leave cell phones at home.  Drive in the early evening when sun is at it’s lowest bright.  Keep your house wattage use down as much as possible.  Unplug routers when sleeping. If fires start in your neighborhood turn off ALL BREAKERS any wattage in the house and wait it out. Pray that ye escape the Great Tribulation to come.  Prepare emotionally by meditation and reliance on God’s protection.  Nurture your Faith by positive affirmations of what God has already done in your life.

Transform the voice in the head to speak encouragement & positive affirmations regularly.  Such as “I took good care of the body God gave me by nourishing it, I treated others well today, I gave money to a vagabond, I am worthy of Love because I am a child of God, I did productive work today”.

No more beat down by one’s own voice.  Become your own emotionally healing.  Cry when necessary.  Never keep fear secret. Let it out.  Let not the beast shame you for your human condition.  God never intended for us to be perfect YET.  But rather to watch us accept ourselves with Love as imperfect.  And so to accept others in spite of our anger toward their ignorance.

Be angry and sin not.

Dreams & Visions

Anyway…..I have had dreams and visions of being pretty much alone on Earth. And eventually connecting with the few others like me. Try to meditate practice, it will bring you patience, and a way to overcome natural fear. The human condition includes God giving us fear for a reason. It’s a dangerous place but that’s changing fast. New nature is coming. A nature that includes rivers of living waters eternal. We shall grow young and strong. The firebirds are circling. Most people can’t see them. Red & blue Kachina are here. Sacred angels and demons both depending on one’s spiritual condition.

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