Part 1. Understanding Flameless Microwave Fire

By Laura E.  Learning with the free thinkers. Incomplete Article

Lets Start with this.  What is Radiation and How Does a Microwave Oven Cook Food Without a Flame?

PLASM FIRES = Radiation.  See the lower charts that will help you understand the radiation wave length concept basics.  Then perhaps we can somehow or more likely Jeff S. will then somehow put together just what is really happening to the tree and to the homes with the spontaneous combustion and the flameless fires.  Jeff-Do flameless fires eventually cause flame fires?

What are the categories of radiation?  All radiation is wavelengths unseen by our eye.  That is until they reach a point or rather a length that shows to our sight.  Then we see light and color.

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Microwave ovens—–“The magnetron generates microwave radiation by bouncing electrons around inside a vacuum filled cavity that is exposed to a strong magnetic field. This magnetic field forces these electrons to circle around inside the cavity, absorbing energy. Eventually, this energy is released as a microwave.”

Micanopy Florida Plasma Fires

The ultraviolet range is unseen and what they call “Ionizing”.  Ionizing means it ionizes cells in humans.  The cell splits and is distorted and genetic levels. in flesh.

In the atmosphere ionizing radiation caused by unbridled UV rays (ultraviolet radiation rays from sun) splits atoms such as the oxygen atom.  It becomes Ozone the bad kind.  See the Ozone .gov maps for reference.  More explanation here oxygen to ozone

The Next three images go with the PDF above to help understand the splitting of oxygen molecules resulting in bad ozone caused by UV waves-radiation.


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