Mind Control or Product of Mind Control?

Can we even tell the difference?  By Laura E.

See Jeff’s video brain gravy below w/key points of wise formations of words such as,

“There’s Alot of Soft Minded People Taking a Hard line Stance on Things they do not Understand.”  ____Jeff S.

Jeff points out the “weaponized compassion” taking place in Americans far & wide.  By our strong desire to do the right thing we follow directives given by inert manipulation from hidden men with hidden motives far more malevolent than any motive we ourselves would suspect or conjure.

Due to our own morality, the average person compares motives of other people to what our own might be.  We should rather be comparing the motives of the elite to monsters rather than ourselves to get a better understanding of what is going on in the world.

The “right thing” and compassion are skewed in the masses by complex mental and emotional groundwork laid down in precise fashion by brilliant men.  Brilliant & diabolical.  The ground work of our socialized peer pressure, “compassion run riot” has been far to scientificized (C.V.) to be consider accurate.

Henceforth, social distancing, social behaviors, the mask and the true science behind adhering to social rules are both unavailable & bombarded w/mixed messages and confusing guidelines.

So the majority just do what CNN says is virtuous and right.  No doubt the virtue signaling that the mask ignites is a primary factor in its motive for use.   I suppose most wearing the mask are doing so by a desire to be safe and secure while appearing virtuous to boot. Hence the “virtue signaling” of the mask.

Problem.  Virtue and Self worth under normal human behavior come to the heart by virtuous and godly actions.   But under mind control, self worth of the masses has been taken out of the realm of their own heart and put into the realm of media and status quo herd mentality.  No longer does conscience rule one’s actions…oh no its Facebook and twitter who tell the tale of your conscience and what is acceptable for you to do.

Serving the majority as a yard stick to morality is a major problem and very few now follow their own hearts voice.  But follow our heart we must, if we are to come before our Creator in Truth.

God Looks Upon the Heart.  God does not go by men’s rules & traditions.

Jeff Snyder2

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