Micanopy, FLorida Internal Tree Fires

Possible Plasma fires pending examination

First five photos are not compressed & will open in new window click to enlarge and click again in new window.  All burnt trees were within a 4 mile area and were marked by ribbons like construction ribbons nearby.  Also there were plastic tubes over nearby wires that marked the areas of tree fire.  There was also one nearby brush fire with a couple of these trees burnt internally in the brush fire area.  Palm trees were burnt outer.  Pine sap was melted and pushed out of the wood.  Most instances the green next to burnt trees was in tact.  Note also very watery area.  I have way larger photos if you want close ups let me know which photos and I can send huge photos for close ups.  As these are all compressed for webpages by 50% at least, I kept originals size in tact.  Some tree stumps appeared to be sawed top was blunt like saw marks and examined after fire maybe.  Some are pines some other type.  Keep in mind we have very high humidity and its very wet lots of rain.  Pines have alot of sap as well.

Burnt inner partially outer appears someone sawed it off. CLICK TO OPEN LARGE  Sidenote that’s wild blackberry on left yummy but mean briers.

This one is weard. Sawed off at top, after burning? Maybe its a regular fire I don’t know how to tell how long ago it burned. Green leaves untouched.  click to open

CLICK TO OPEN even enlarge after opening in new window.

CLICK TO OPEN even enlarge after opening in new window.  PINE

Brush fire area
All of this area is very wet now. Can’t tell how old the fires are?
Tree charred bush not affected PINE
Yellow marker I mentioned TALL SKINNY PINES
Appears sawed off at top


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  1. Hey, Jeff-
    I was looking for your email address on your website, and still haven’t found it.
    Then I came across your Micanopy photos. WOW- this town is just down the road a piece from where I went to grad school (U of Florida in Gainesville). Ended up living there 30 years raising my kids and spent a good amount of time in Micanopy with fellow weavers and spinners of wool.
    (Then back home to Michigulag about 15 yrs ago to be close to my aging Mom).
    The weather changes in Florida during the 30 in Gator country, plus a couple in Daytona and one hellacious year in Miami would have been a lot more interesting as a geographer had I known about weather warfare with prolonged droughts drying up lots of recreational lakes, deep freezes to kill off much of the citrus, and plasma fires in the woods and in 2004 four hurricanes in six weeks. Now all I have to worry about is prolonged subzero weather, slipping on ice and geo-engineered nasty snow – I like real snow, but haven’t seen any the last few years.
    At any rate, I guess I am getting too personal on your website, but would like to send you a photo of my little model of earth. Thank God I never got my wish to teach kids – I would have to track them all down and tell them things are not the way we’ve been told…they might have figured it out themselves. But not likely.
    You are a rare bird, Jeff- very inspiring to watch you out there exploring and questing in such a positive manner. You’ve come a long way in the few years since I first found you on youtube. If you were my son, I couldn’t have allowed you to be micro chipped even with your feisty personality disorder;)
    We truly are in the Twilight Zone.
    PS- delete this after you read it – I am fine with that.

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