Hey Dr. Michael Ryan from the W.H.O.! Relocate Loved Ones in YOUR House First. (Angry Rant)

And Then Leave We The People Alone!

This shill of a WHO Dr. announced according to Fox News on “Tucker Carlson tonight” the following,

((alleged & controversial human rights stripping CV agenda deception threatening our Loved Ones))

Dr. Who says:  “The infection is now in the HOME so therefore we must go to your house and drag out the infected and put them in alternative housing.”(paraphrased & summed up statement).

 Pray now against the demonic strongholds of the World Health Satanic Organization of Corporate Dictators from The Gates of HELL. 

Dr. Robert Levin of Ventura…your family goes to the FEMA camps next eh?  Since your so gun ho on “removing the infected from their homes” lets not and say we did and remove you instead?  Ya I think maybe THE ENTIRE POPULATIONS OF THE U.S. might just agree with us on this!

Sorry Dr. Who but "The Gates of Hell shall not prevail against God's Children".  And YOUR REIGN is on its last leg of this we assure you.    Our Father who is, was, and always will be ALL POWERFUL has our back.  (so call Satan to your own back side to follow you around. We the Children of God bind evil minions and imprison them bound, down to hell. We no longer call demons to follow us around day and night or whisper in our ears as falsely instructed by the deceiving narrative of the book that reads "get thee behind me Satan" lying jargon."  The Children of God's eyes are now open to the lies in the book.  We now know we don't want Satan's minions behind us following us around day and night.  The scripture was an deceptive hidden invitation that believers no longer fall prey to.  Let the Great Harlot pray for Satan to follow it around at its back. The woman of Rev. 12 is safe.  She is already well nurtured and soon to be on her way home.  The women's job is nearly done.  She is hidden and made strong.


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