Generac GP 3300 Review 2021

By Laura E

What Happened to laws making “MONOPOLIES ILLEGAL”?  That’s what they taught us in the 70s & 80s in educational indoctrination centers.

I bought the Brand New Generac GP3300 a few years back around 2017 because of Florida hurricane power outages.  Purchased from Harbor Freight Gainesville, FL.

Broke First Time We Used It

I have been without electricity for days on end and didn’t want it to happen again.  The Generac Broke after one use.  We blamed ourselves for hooking wall unit AC and Fridge at the same time even though they do not exceed 3300 Watts.  Nevertheless the first time it was under warranty and was fixed quickly.  The worker said “it was a sensor”.

Assembly of wheels and carrier parts is needed.

My husband put it into the Utility Room in its working order and drained the gas tank. (as per manual instructions).

Two or three years later he tried to start it. (keep in mind it was only used for a few days during one storm)

Problem #1 The pull rope is designed crooked so IT WILL WEAR OUT QUICKLY when trying to start over and over.

Problem #2 We drained gas and the cheap metal gas tank filters and tank became RUSTED.  Most generators use plastic fuel tanks for this reason.

Problem #3 The same “sensor” the systems says is for “safety” BROKE YET AGAIN.    Since my husband fixes small engines he was able to take it apart, replace filters, clean cheap metal tank, REMOVE THE WORTHLESS AND “MADE TO BREAK” sensor permanently.  The sensor STOPS THE DEVICE FROM STARTING 99 times out of 100 even when brand new during first use.


#4 ONE VERY DISTURBING LESSON was learned while working on this generator.  My husband noticed that the device had to be put together by children. He said there is no way men could have worked on assembling the generator.  The spaces he had to fit his hands into where far smaller than even a Chinese man’s hands would fit.  I asked him “perhaps it was A.I. that put it together”.  He replied absolutely not, the detailed work would have been far too numerous to use robots.  Robots can only be used for repetitious main assembly line actions.  Not the intricate placement of inner workings, sensors, filters, actions that take 5 fingers an arm and a hand to carry out.

Now the Generator is again in working order.  We will have to store the cheap-ass gas tank in a air conditioned room in the house so it doesn’t deteriorate.  The tank can be fairly easily removed from the generator.

CONCLUSION Opinion State of the World Under One World Gov. Tyranny

Don’t buy the product unless you can or have someone who can work on small engines.

Seems to me the corporations are no longer accountable and wield all the power in the U.S.

By competitors of smaller companies who make reliable and well built products THEY WERE ACCOUNTABLE.  It seems the restrainer is now removed.  Tyrannical Corporations wield products like weapons that are made to cause the little guys massive inconvenience and to break so they can make MORE MONEY.

Moreover these (at times) ‘made to break’ life saving and much needed products are causing major problems, time, and money because of the inferior workmanship.  The corporations that have taken over by monopoly during CV. and the competitors small companies are crushed financially.


We surmise some powerful people whom the 2nd level corporations trusted likely lied to and manipulated them into believing the sky is falling.  (granted the sky very likely is falling, clouds have become charged and low lying causing dangerous barometric pressure rises & drops that trigger blood pressure changes & health effects in humans.

We think second tier corporations (the competitors to mega corps.) have locked themselves in their underground dungeons (bunkers) and somehow lost the keys.

But like the cave that Chicken Little ran into to hide when Foxy Loxy convinced the roosters and chickens that “the sky is falling” it was a trap and Foxy Loxy has eaten them all up.   Hence the corpses now have no restrainer or accountability to the little guys.

We surmise by the behavior of the Corporations, who now rule under tyranny called Corporatocracy a Fasciest rule where corporations make their own laws.

Example—In some states laws are being passed by government that people must take the (code) back scene or the cannot buy or sell. Sound familiar?

Proof of mega corps takeovers.

Net sales increased 70% to a record $807 million during the first quarter of 2021 as compared to $476 million in the prior-year first quarter. Core sales growth, which excludes both the impact of acquisitions and foreign currency, increased approximately 67%.
Residential product sales more than doubled to $542 million as compared to $258 million last year, representing a 110% increase.
Commercial & Industrial (“C&I”) product sales increased 18% to $202 million as compared to $172 million in the prior year. Generac Holdings net worth as of July 05, 2021 is $26.14B.