EYA News Tree Burning Inside

Sorry. Another YT channel bites the dust. EYA News is now EYA Censored. She covers the supernatural bible changes that most people cannot accept much less see.

See EYA Censored on YT. Or go to one of the supernatural bible changes websites. https://abominationdesolation.com https://www.youtube.com/user/TruthShockTV https://www.youtube.com/c/EYACENSORED/videos https://bible-changes.com/ wakeuporelse covers the changes on Sundays on YT. https://www.wakeuporelse.com/

Watch this unbelievable TicTok video from EYA News

Not all are in our reality. Mandela affected? If so you will see some of the bibles debaucherous changes. Lion and lamb now lion and wolf. Those of us who knew God’s words and hid them in our hearts know that the bible changes are prophecy of the desecration of the holy place. A prophecy misinterpreted to be some antichrist temple with pig to be slaughtered in it. Thing is Jews are religious not spiritual. If they build a temple for those who don’t believe in Jesus…its not “Holy” to begin with so it cannot BE desecrated and made desolate. Its common sense. However the place where God put His Holy words for mankind…THAT PLACE IS WELL NOW “WAS” HOLY. As is the body being the temple. It’s a two fold prophecy. As the bible become grossly immoral so too the minds of men are being desecrated by taking beast (animal) geneology unto themselves. Men are incorporating Chimpanzee dna into their own. Rat & Pig as well. When the bibles change so too the minds of men match the desecration in their very memories. This is the strong delusion. Hell yes we are in the end of days! Just like the bible warned…MOST not the few but MOST CHRISTIANS are under the strong delusion. HELL yes its frustrating to watch blind men walk off a cliff by cursing themselves with their own words. Words they took from a book that is now in the hands of the wolf. Full of lies and curses.

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