Thank God the Masses are Blind

Shit Hit The Fan Alright!

I say this about Jeff as a side note.  He is not taxed with false humility because false humility is a lie.  A lie about one’s self to make one appear humble.  Its bullshit.  Example-“I am dirt, I am nobody, I know nothing” and so on.

So I say (Laura E.) its refreshing to hear someone speak on YT who is aware of what False humility actually is. 

God warned us by inspired writers of old…the first destruction of Earth was by water.  The second He said will be by fire.  Is it still in the bible…idk.

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Part 1. Understanding Flameless Microwave Fire

By Laura E.  Learning with the free thinkers. Incomplete Article

Lets Start with this.  What is Radiation and How Does a Microwave Oven Cook Food Without a Flame?

PLASM FIRES = Radiation.  See the lower charts that will help you understand the radiation wave length concept basics.  Then perhaps we can somehow or more likely Jeff S. will then somehow put together just what is really happening to the tree and to the homes with the spontaneous combustion and the flameless fires.  Jeff-Do flameless fires eventually cause flame fires?

What are the categories of radiation?  All radiation is wavelengths unseen by our eye.  That is until they reach a point or rather a length that shows to our sight.  Then we see light and color.

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Plasma Fires Attracted to Electronics-Avoid Trees as prophesied.

NISSAN Car Burns on a Country Road in North Central Florida in the Morning Hours

Laura E writes a message to Jeff S after she saw a late model Nissan catch fire and burn melting the engine for no apparent reason.  She apologizes she does not carry a cell phone for a camera.

Regarding the title.  Granted we know trees are burning.  But it seems that if microwave flameless fire has a choice between trees and houses, it chooses houses chalk full of live wattage.
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EYA News Tree Burning Inside

Sorry. Another YT channel bites the dust. EYA News is now EYA Censored. She covers the supernatural bible changes that most people cannot accept much less see.

See EYA Censored on YT. Or go to one of the supernatural bible changes websites. wakeuporelse covers the changes on Sundays on YT.

Watch this unbelievable TicTok video from EYA News

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You Tube Content Providers Who Are Natural “Alchemists of Information”

Writer Laura E. (this article is not a paid promotion)

When I prepare to to watch one of JeffSnyder2 video’s I know I am going to have to put my thinking cap on.    I can’t just lay back and take in info I already am familiar with.  Jeff is a teacher.  It takes energy to watch his videos because I learn from them.  So if I am feeling tired and just want to lay back and veg I will skip Jeff’s videos until I am prepared to learn and exert energy to do so.  This is a good thing—to learn.  But I sometimes don’t have the motivation for it.

Quantum of Conscience Youtube channel
Dana Ashlie On Youtube

Logic Before Authority

Logic Before Authority is a must see channel.  Its a shame he had to delete his past videos due to censorship.  He would have likely lost his channel had not done so.   Daniel Alexander Cannon is one of the  true alchemist of information.  He is emotionally invested in outing the beast system because of the damage done to his own family by the beast.  Namely back scenes toxicity.  More on LBA channel later. 

Expose’—Three Alchemists of Information on YT What is alchemy of information?

1.”The alchemy of information”  (concept derived from “Turning lead into gold”.)

2.To change the very core of ideas/words taking them from worthless to valuable by a form of spiritual decryption.  To locate HIDDEN INFORMATION of truth hiding amid timely bullshit.

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Hey Dr. Michael Ryan from the W.H.O.! Relocate Loved Ones in YOUR House First. (Angry Rant)

And Then Leave We The People Alone!

This shill of a WHO Dr. announced according to Fox News on “Tucker Carlson tonight” the following,

((alleged & controversial human rights stripping CV agenda deception threatening our Loved Ones))

Dr. Who says:  “The infection is now in the HOME so therefore we must go to your house and drag out the infected and put them in alternative housing.”(paraphrased & summed up statement).

 Pray now against the demonic strongholds of the World Health Satanic Organization of Corporate Dictators from The Gates of HELL. 

Dr. Robert Levin of Ventura…your family goes to the FEMA camps next eh?  Since your so gun ho on “removing the infected from their homes” lets not and say we did and remove you instead?  Ya I think maybe THE ENTIRE POPULATIONS OF THE U.S. might just agree with us on this!

Sorry Dr. Who but "The Gates of Hell shall not prevail against God's Children".  And YOUR REIGN is on its last leg of this we assure you.    Our Father who is, was, and always will be ALL POWERFUL has our back.  (so call Satan to your own back side to follow you around. We the Children of God bind evil minions and imprison them bound, down to hell. We no longer call demons to follow us around day and night or whisper in our ears as falsely instructed by the deceiving narrative of the book that reads "get thee behind me Satan" lying jargon."  The Children of God's eyes are now open to the lies in the book.  We now know we don't want Satan's minions behind us following us around day and night.  The scripture was an deceptive hidden invitation that believers no longer fall prey to.  Let the Great Harlot pray for Satan to follow it around at its back. The woman of Rev. 12 is safe.  She is already well nurtured and soon to be on her way home.  The women's job is nearly done.  She is hidden and made strong.


Some of Jeff Snyder’s Posted Links

These links are from Jeff’s Thesis 1 Video on YT

Rockets bouncing off of the Dome

Flat Earth presentation

Socrates versus PG&E California fire debate

Plasma pulse fires from Spain in 2003 Matrix wisdom

Jane Tande escapes California

Horizontal Moon @10:45 Mr mbb333

Space force transiting the solar portal Triangle Man and the Death Star transiting solar portal

Plasma bands around the portal

Tr3b dog fight This video can’t be accessed from home page

Space force in action This video cannot be accessed from home page

Tr3b @ Staples This video cannot be accessed from my home page

Will JeffSnyder2 Get Deleted from You Tube?

Energy is RADIATING UP FROM THE GROUND burning trees from BOTTOM UP INSIDE TO OUT. Says Inspector Jeff Snyder from the great hills of Utah and vicinity. Inspector Jeff Snyder is highly skilled and open minded to what is happening in the forest for us the “last generation”. Get you some Jesus, brain gravy just ask. Jeff says “this is NOT lava”. IT’S ELECTRICAL. Some trees are unlike the others. Lets hope Jeff moves to one of the other genre’s we are being herded to.

Jeff’s commentary on strange new fires.

It seems to me that magma would burn much like fire, often causing actual combustion and producing a flame. In this video, you can see where a tree is burnt all the way up with limbs sticking out that are un-burned on the bottom side, that proves there was no Flame during the burning process of the lower and middle part of the tree.
Also to produce anything like this type of burn pattern, the liquid of the magma would have to be such a thin small particle that it could saturate and move through the fiber of the wood, like water, and during the leaching process where water moves throughout the porous cavities of a material like a sponge, it moves in evenly distributed patterns.
There is Video available online of lava moving across the forest floor igniting the bushes and trees as it goes and the resulting burn pattern is much the same as a standard forest fire and the combustion that is produced when the lava hits the wood is exactly the same as forest fire… … so if lava was flowing upward from the ground into the trees it would still result in combustion and a burn pattern very much like a forest fire rather than the flameless forest fires with high intense burning beside untouched wood that we are seeing with these plasma burn signatures.